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Buy UK Lottery Tickets Online

Play UK Lottery

Euromillions Lottery

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Play UK lottery online - With twice weekly jackpots running up to £30 million, a ticket in the UK Lotto might just allow you to fulfill your wildest dreams!

You do not have to live in the UK to play the UK Lotto. Anybody, anywhere in the world can play and win MILLIONS OF POUNDS, LUMP SUM, TAX-FREE and OFFSHORE. With over one million winners each week, it is however, no surprise that this lottery is as popular as ever. It has never been this easy to become a millionaire in a second!

Draws for the UK Lotto take place twice weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays with a prize fund of up to £30,000,000! For your chance to win big, all you need to do is to click here and register as a first time user. After selecting your six numbers between 1 & 49, cross your fingers and hope for the payout that can change the rest of your life!

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For just a few pounds you could have a chance of becoming a multi-millionaire!!!

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Play the biggest USA Lotteries Play the biggest USA Lotteries Euromillions Jackpot

Euromillions Lottery

The Best Lotteries To Play Online

The world loves a good lottery. We just have to look at the United Kingdom to see that roughly half the population plays the lottery at least once a month and at least 57% of the American population, bought a lotto ticket in 2012 which amounted to a staggering $78 billion in sales!

A common myth is that only the poor play because they desperately need the money, but the truth is that everyone loves to play the lotto. Lottery studies have shown us that while those with lower incomes play more frequently, those with higher incomes play less regularly, but spend more on tickets.

Let’s take a look at the world's most popular lotteries that you could play online:

UK Lottery

Back in 1994, Britain braced itself for the first ever UK Lottery draw with an estimated jackpot of £7 million. UK Lottery players stood a one in fourteen million chance of striking lucky and guessing correctly the winning six out of 49 numbers.

Just a few years later, began offering this fantastic lottery to players all over the world, giving more lottery enthusiasts the chance of partaking in the world"s biggest and best online lotteries. The UK Lottery draw consists of six numbered balls followed by a Bonus Ball. The Bonus Ball is only applicable if the player has matched five numbers correctly.

Additional prizes are won when a player has chosen three matching numbers or more, and the jackpot is awarded to those who have chosen all six main numbers correctly.

Due the fact that the UK Lottery draws take place twice a week, UK Lottery players stand double the chance of walking away as a lucky winner. With impressive jackpot prizes up for grabs plus having really good odds of hitting the jackpot, its no surprise that this is one of the most popular international lottery games. - win up to 42 million Pounds


Another legendary lottery has to be the EuroMillions. What set the EuroMillions apart from any other lottery was the fact that it started out with not one but three participating countries, namely the UK, France and Spain. Since then this popular lottery has grown exponentially with Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Switzerland now also participating in the fun and excitement that only the EuroMillions with its gigantic lottery jackpot and thrilling Superdraws can offer.

The EuroMillions number format changed slightly over the years with the addition of an extra draw on Tuesday’s and extra balls being added to the star number ball set in 2011.

The American Lotteries


Just a few years prior to the launch of, an American lottery was born, and lottery players have been thanking their lucky stars ever since. Ever since the Powerball has graced the world and thankfully the internet, lotto players have been experiencing record-breaking jackpot amounts that have left us breathless.

The first official Powerball draw was held on April 19th, 1992 and the lotto game has grown and evolved over the years with various changes being applied to the ball and prize structure from the game back in 1988. These include a change in the annuity prize payments from 20 yearly payments to 30, and the addition of a cash option for the jackpot as the jackpot is massive averaging around $100 million.


Mega Millions

The other American lottery which rocked the world with a world-record jackpot totalling a jaw-dropping $656 million, set in March 2012 is the Mega Millions. With a rich tradition of paying out gigantic sums of money to winners, the Mega Millions lottery draws in more and more lottery players every year.

Mega Millions draws take place every Tuesday and Friday.


Staying up to date with the lotteries

There are various ways in which you can keep up to date with the latest lottery news, get an answer to a query or simply know what the current jackpot amount is to your favourite online lottery.

Subscribe to newsletters

By subscribing to a newsletter from your favourite lottery website, you be the first to know the latest lotto jackpot amounts, special promotions, winner stories and of course the latest lotto tips. Some online lotto websites, such as even incentivise their loyal lotto players with a mailer raffle within their newsletters.

Live Chat

Most online lottery websites, offer the user with a Live Chat option. This contact feature allows the lotto player the opportunity to contact the customer support team with any queries they may have. The support staff assist players with payment queries, technical queries and lottery information etc.

Web sites

By browsing the lottery website players are able to find most of their lotto queries and offer a gold mine of lottery information. You can discover the legal age to play, games, odds, playing instructions, times and dates of drawings, and drawing results. You may also read about new winners and learn how to claim your lottery winnings. The Frequently Asked Questions section will give players a concise answer to most queries.

As the saying goes, “You have to be in it win it!”, so make sure you keep up to date with the lotto by signing up to newsletters, engaging in lottery social media sites and if you have a lottery related query, contact your online lottery website – they will love to hear from you!

Good luck!

Buy UK lottery tickets online - Not much else has the power to change your life as instantly and permanently as winning the lottery. And when it comes to international lottery draws, with millions of tickets contributing to enormous prize pools, jackpot amounts often far exceed the payouts your local lottery is capable of. But you can't play the big games without being in the country. This is where we come in. We've simplified the process completely, to allow anyone from any country to take part in some of the world's richest lotteries: the UK National Lottery, UK Lotto Hot Picks, UK Lotto Thunderball and EuroMillions., the trusted name in online UK and EuroMillions lottery ticket purchasing is the only lottery ticket service to email players scanned images of every ticket they purchase. That's the peace of mind that player's demand.

HoldThumbs Lucky Online Lottery

HoldThumbs is a global and trusted online lottery purchasing service featuring the world's biggest lotteries.

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